Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Real Life

Like many of us, I spend a lot of my time in the "digital world". It comes from my Nook, my smartphone, my laptop at home, my computer at work and of course the TV.

As a web developer I spend a large majority of my time staring at a computer screen. I'm programming applications for people to use and stare at on their screens. I don't physically work on "real world" things. This makes it easy for me to loose my grounding from time to time.

I communicate with a lot of people via social networking. There's e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, I'm part of an online community where I'm talking to other mom's daily and texting via my phone. Actual real life communication is pretty much non existent unless I'm talking to coworkers, the daycare provider, my husband or my son. Many of us have this life and its not going anywhere.

I was outside playing with Connor this evening and we spent time in the "real world" playing with chalk, discovering lighting bugs, climbing on the deck and collecting sticks from the yard. Even though it was as humid as a bathroom after a long hot shower the breeze was blowing and we were surrounding ourselves in mother nature. Mid summer will be here soon and our outside time will have to be limited but its evenings like these that make letting go of the laptop, smartphone and TV well worth it.

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