Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

I haven't posted about Father's day just yet and thought maybe I should!

Friday evening after Connor was settled into his crib and fast asleep Kevin and I popped in the movie Parenthood. We've watched the show Parenthood on NBC and LOVE it so we figured we would watch the movie that started the whole thing. Well... That was was a very 80's movie! I love watching classic 80's movies. It took us a little while to figure which characters were which but overall it was a cute movie.

Saturday we woke up and ran right over to my dad's house to fix us up a mean old breakfast. I made sausage, french toast, eggs and cut up cantaloupe. After breakfast we discovered Connor has a knack for playing the harmonica! Once he figured out how to play it he couldn't put it down!

In the afternoon it was finally hot enough for us to set up Connor's swimming pool. He LOVED it! I see us spending many summer evenings out there cooling him off.

Sunday Kevin played in a Father's day softball tournament. Connor did surprisingly well while we were there. Thankfully there was a playground and swings to entertain him for the most part. He also had my dad, step mom and Kevin's mom to play with him as well. BUT like clockwork, the nap time meltdown made us head home. Kevin was able to stop by and see his dad after the tournament but Connor and I were home for the evening by that time.

Last year for Father's day we went to Floppy Hat Night to see an O's game. This year I scored two tickets to the Baltimore Museum of Industrial History. I'm excited to get this on the calendar and go! I figured Kevin has always been into history, and given his line of work, it would be perfect.

It was a very low key Father's day this year. Last year we spent Father's day at Downs Park and having Connor's dedication. It was HOT, there was lots of friends and family and LOTS of good food to eat. I had accidentally booked the party on Father's Day and felt bad that Kevin would spend his first Father's day dealing with all the craziness of the party. BUT... When you stop and think about it, what better way to spend your first Father's day than with family, friends and dedicating yourself to you child (and good food at that)!

Connor Last Year

Connor This Year

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