Friday, April 29, 2011


Mommy. Mommy. Mommmmmmy. Moooooommmmmmmmmy. Mommy. Mommy. While I used to wish my son would call me mommy now a days I’d love to go back to Da, Daddy, or Dee da.

Connor went through a phase where he would whine when he needed help with or wanted something. I didn’t want to encourage whining so I said, “Can you say Mommy Help?” whenever he whined. He started saying “Mommy”. NOW he says “Mommy” for EVERYTHING.

He knows Kevin is “Dee da” and I’m “Mommy” but now if he needs something, wants something, is talking to himself it is “Mommy mommy mommy mommy”. He’ll even look at Kevin when something is out of reach and say, “Mommy?”

This morning he was sitting on a floor with one of his books. He usually babbles as he turns the page. This morning he was pointing at pictures and saying, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”.

In hindsight I should have just said, “Can you say Help?” Back to the drawing board I suppose! I’m very blessed that he is finally calling me Mommy, I truly am. I’ll be even more blessed when I can get him to verbalize the physical things he’s pointing to!

On more than occasion I've been reminded of this clip from Family Guy:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Zoo, Egg Hunting and The Park Oh My!

Spring has sprung and we’re making the most of the beautiful weather!

Thursday daycare closed for Easter break and I took off work to spend time with Connor. The first play date on our agenda was a trip to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with our friends Meghan and Gabbi. We had such an enjoyable time!

Meghan and I decided that strollers with walking toddlers would be difficult to manage so we decided to get out our harnesses and let the kiddos walk. They did great and loved being in control of the journey. We had to do minimal carrying and enjoyed picking them up to see the animals instead of taking them out of the stroller and having to put them back in.

They loved seeing the animals that were up close and sharing snacks. Most animals were out. The only animal we didn’t get to see was the giraffe. The petting zoo was a big hit even though Connor kept trying to pet the back end of the goat.

For me it was great taking Connor to a place that I remember going to as a kid. I was sad not to see as many animals and the old part of the zoo closed. However, I remembered most exhibits and enjoyed taking Connor through the Children’s Zoo. I hope this was the first of many trips to the Zoo.

Saturday we went to our first Easter Egg hunt for Connor. Before we went I did a dry run with Connor in the living room. I wanted him to have the concept of it down. I knew we would get there and he’d get stuck with wanting to bang two eggs together. Cute, but I know him looking for eggs would be even cuter.

Mark and Robin hosted the hunt and the brunch at their location. Everyone was able to make it so we had all 4 of Connor’s friends plus a cousin of Delaney! Needless to say it gets crazy when we have all the toddlers together.

The weather was yucky most of Friday and Saturday morning. Once the rain passed and turned into sprinkles we went across the street to an elementary school. The kiddos had fun finding eggs, picking up rocks, trying to walk in grass and stealing eggs out of each other’s baskets.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny came and left us with a basket full of books, a chocolate bunny and two new friends, Donald Duck and Goofy. I was shocked that Connor was not interested in his chocolate bunny. He actually pulled the piece of chocolate out of his mouth! We enjoyed dinner with family and ended the evening with a thunderstorm and my baby cuddled on my lap.

Monday I was off work again due to daycare still being closed. In the morning Connor had his 15 month well visit. He weighed in at a whooping 24.11lbs and is 30.75in tall. He was angered by getting two shots in the leg but it soon subsided once we arrived at Downs Park for lunch.

We enjoyed lunch under a tree near the water. Afterwards I pulled out Connors new ball he loves to throw and try to kick. He ran around chasing the ball and fell into soft dirt / mud. And so raising a little toddler begins!

Before we left we stopped off at the playground. He swung on the swings, climbed on the smaller play gym and slid down some slides. This is yet another place I used to go to A LOT as a child and it was great taking him there and watching him enjoy himself as I did.

My mini break came to an end and it was time to head back to work. You would think I was dreading Tuesday morning, but I was surprisingly ready to get back into the grind. I love being a mom but I also enjoy my new job. Life has blessed me with being able to have a healthy balance between the two!