Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Art of Being Busy...

Pre baby times I always had something to do. A class to take, a workshop to teach, a full time job to go to, parties to attend, or deadline to meet. Now that we've tossed a baby in the mix I've learned to appreciate how my time is being spent.

I love the time I spend being a mom. It is so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. Most days I feel renewed at the end of the day instead of drained like I did before I was a mom. I started this blog with excitement to share my thoughts but its been put by the wayside while I've caught up on housework after teaching workshops over the last month.

I have gained some time back since my son has gained some of his own independence. At first there was a part of me that dreaded his growing independence from me over the last two months; we weaned him from breastfeeding, he started holding his own bottle, going to bed earlier and started sleeping through most nights, he sits on his own, entertains himself with his toys. I felt like he was already growing up and moving away. That feeling soon passed when I found his independence allows me to slowly return to a life that somewhat mirrors my pre baby days. The extra two hours I have at the end of the day because he goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 are a blessing. I have time to read, reconnect with the energy around me, get some housework done, reconnect with my husband or go to bed if I feel like it.

The last month was filled with teaching workshops on my weekends. I felt guilty at first for leaving my baby on the few days that we can spend all day together. By the end of month I realized how important it was for me to get out and still have time doing non-mom stuff. It opened my eyes and showed me that my baby's world won't fall apart if I'm not available. It also gave me the courage to book a cruise in November and go away with my husband baby free. I would have never thought four months ago that going on a cruise without a baby possible.

I took two days off work last week and had a four day weekend. I caught up on some much needed mommy and Connor time. It's amazing how your heart grows when its already so full of love.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super Mom - My rambling thoughts

I've determined if you're a mom you're Super in my book.

I'm a member of the January 2010 Birth Board on I was commenting on a post today about being a Super Mom. I got to thinking about how many other Super Moms there are in my life after reading other peoples posts about why they thought they were a Super Mom.

Of course there is my two mothers in my life. My mom did everything that she could for my sister and I as a single mother for most of our young lives. Being a mother now has me appreciating everything she did ten times more than ever. My step mother never had a desire to be a mom until she met my dad. She always treated us as her own giving us her love, advice, time, money and energy when needed.

The Super Moms that have recently come into my life are my close girlfriends. I have a close relationship with at least five to six other women who have had babies within six months of me. I am amazed at ourselves and what we have learned and accomplished in such a short time.

My Ramblings...
We are all Super Moms. Some of us are first time moms, some of us have been there done that and have been a mom for years, some us went back to work, some us are now running and managing our homes, some us are "Mom" 24-7 because dad is overseas, some of us are making homemade baby food, some of us breastfed, some us are still breastfeeding, some of us are lugging her breast pump back and forth from work, some of us are cruising Farmers Markets to provide her family with the best food possible, some of us have changed to an organic diet for her family and baby, some of us find apps on our smart phone that create white noise to help our babies sleep, some of us not only have babies to take care of but cats and dogs running under her feet too, and some of us have many children pulling her in all directions and still can find time for each child. Our Super list is never ending. Some how some way we do it... we accomplish what we desire for our family and we strive for whatever is best for our children.

We should all have a Super glass of wine!