Saturday, October 20, 2012

Horse Appreciation Day

The day after Movie Under the Stars we (Lindsey, Hunter, Connor and myself) ventured over to Dublin's farm for Horse Appreciation Day. It was perfect weather, felt like a gorgeous fall day and Connor was having a melt down over almost everything single thing. At least the pictures make him look super happy.

Before leaving the house Connor looked so cute and the weather was so nice we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. He's such a ham these days.

We took a look at the horses when we got there and then headed over to the pony rides. Connor had a blast riding the ponies. From there we stopped by the ambulance that Lake Shore Fire Department had for the kids to get in and look at. Connor did not want to get out. He was fascinated.... future EMT on our hands? Maybe....

From there we saw and pet a few animals and then Connor saw it.... the holy grail.... the...... MOONBOUNCE...... once he got inside he did not want to come out. The attendant had to go in and "help" him get out when his turn was up! From that point there was a bunch of screaming and yelling and a lot of tantruming. I decided we needed lunch. While buying lunch they played the National Anthem.... my son screamed and cried through the WHOLE National Anthem. Lindsey swore she couldn't hear him from where she was but I felt like everyone was staring.

We got lunch, played on a tractor and headed BACK to the ambulance because they now had a fire truck there too. More tantrums, another pony ride, more tantrums and another few bounces in the moon bounce and mommy was DONE. I couldn't handle the meltdowns any longer... it was time to go. Sooooo I dragged my screaming toddler out of the event, into the parking lot and took him home. Nap time didn't come soon enough that day. Whew. So, like I said, at least the pics make it look like he had a great time!

Movie Under the Stars

In mid-September I took Connor to an event at the college where I work. Each year they host a Movie Under the Stars. They have an inflatable screen and you sit out in the atrium under the stars and watch the movie. I used to go in my early 20's when they did the drive-in movies out in the parking lot.

I was very excited to take Connor. While daycare has taken Connor to the movies many times, Kev and I have never taken him! We had friends coming to meet us and some of Connor's friends came too. We got there early to get a good seat and we were right up front. I had packed us chairs, blankets, dinner, snacks and they sold huge bags of yummy kettle corn. We were totally ready for Movie Under the Stars!

Even though it stated that the movie was going to start at 7 it didn't really start until 7:45. But that didn't matter, we had plenty of entertainment watching the kiddos running around and dancing to the music they had playing.

Connor did so well watching the movie. Even though he hopped from his chair to my chair and back a bunch of times he did awesome. We saw the movie Brave. I really didn't know what the movie was supposed to be about beside changing your fate but I figured Pixar was safe and Connor would be ok. I also had no clue about the huge angry bear that was in the movie either. The bear gave Connor a little bit of a scare and when you asked him what the movie was about he said, "Her mommy turn into bear. Angry bear."

I already can't wait for next year!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ravens Game!

My dad and I went to the Game 1 of the Ravens football season. It was great! They played great, looked great and I had a great time (is that enough "greats" in one sentence?).

I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to a Ravens game since Connor was born. I know I went when I was pregnant with him because there's nothing like being big and round and walking the ramps of M&T bank stadium.

It was nice begin back in the stadium and seeing all the purple after 2.5 years. Because Art Modell had recently passed away the Ravens dedicated a chunk of their time to him and his legacy. The air was cool for it being in early September and at one point I thought I was going to need a hot chocolate. Looking back at the game now, I think it was one of the Ravens best games this season. I haven't seen a game since where they looked as good as they did then.

It was especially nice getting away with just my dad for the evening. We are usually spending time together with friends and family or Kev and I are dropping Connor off for a night out.

We took time to pose with our angry faces... apparently I really can't make an angry face without my nostrils flaring.... totally embarrassing. :)

Beautiful Fall

Beautiful fall is upon us. Football is back in season, Baltimore got to experience October baseball,  the cool weather is around every morning and most of the day, wonderful colors in the trees, my open toed shoes have been put away, I bought my first huge pack of apples and made apple sauce, and I'm already planning on cooking my first batch of chili for the season very very soon. The Renaissance Festival / camping trip has come and gone. We've hit up the pumpkin patch and now Halloween is right around the corner. Next thing you know Thanksgiving will be knocking at our door! Slow down Amanda, slow down.

Our busy fall season is surrounding us! We've been doing soooo much and having soooo much fun that well... again I fell off the blogging bandwagon. If I could just hang on when we get busy!!!

So what have we done since Labor Day? Hmm... I went to a Ravens game with my dad, I took Connor to a movie under the stars, we went to a horse appreciation day event in our area, completed our annual camping and Renaissance festival trip, Kevin and I went away and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and my mom and I took Connor to the pumpkin patch.

Since Labor day I also completed my four credit eight week Javascript class that seemed to suck the life out of my evenings between reading, homework and quizzes. Totally thankful that is over and I walked away with a 90/89%

Next couple of days I'll do a post for each big thing that has come our way this fall! Stay tuned!