Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Fun

Catching up on what we did over the summer.....

We went camping out in Western MD at my dad's trailer at Little Orleans Campground. Everyone had a great time and getting away with family was perfect. I even discovered Chocolate Chip Cookies S'mores.... YUM!

This summer we've had many trips to the park with our new friends we met in gymnastics this Spring. Our second trip to Tick Neck Park with PJ and Blake found us fixing boo boos, playing t-ball, and looking for tigers in the woods.

We celebrated 4th of July with family swimming and cooking out. It was VERY hot and we were thankful for the pool and still having electricity after the Derecho storm that came through. Connor enjoyed eating a burger the way you normally eat a burger for the first time and had fun with sparklers.

In mid July, Connor and I met up with three of my mom friends at Sandy Point State Park. Two of whom, I have talked to on an online forum for the last two and half years but never met even though they live in Maryland. Three of us mom's have toddlers born in January 2010 and the other two infants were a month or so apart. The trip was a success and it was great to FINALLY meet each other.

Taran and I took Connor and PJ to the Chesapeake Beach Waterpark in Chesapeake Beach, MD. It was A LOT of fun and perfect for kids Connor and PJ's age. Connor was in rare form that day and was only happy when he was in the pool. So when it was time to eat lunch and wait to get back in the pool there was lots of melt downs and he ended up in time out. Time outs aside everyone had a great time and ending the day in the Lazy River was perfect. I also was able to enjoy a Sonic shake for the first time EVER. Since Connor didn't pass out with PJ in the backseat Connor also enjoyed a Sonic shake.

Our Staycation about 3 weeks ago was what it sounds like. Kev and I took off work and kept Connor home from daycare. We stayed home but went and did something almost every day. Monday we took Connor duck pin bowling, Tuesday we took Connor to play mini golf, Wednesday we took Connor to the Baltimore Aquarium and Thursday we took Connor to the Science Center. It was really nice being home together as a family and spending all our time together. We made the most of our time together and I felt like we it was a success as I headed back to the work the next week.

And of course there were random Pig Roasts, a Welcome Home party for my brother in law as he was able to have a short visit home from his station in Afghanistan, and other summer fun.

Soooooooo I think that wraps up what we've been up to.... Just a little bit of summer left, I can hear fall activities calling my name already.


  1. Chocolate Chip S'mores....sounds yummy. I'm going to have to try those. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Love the collage pictures! Did you use a program to make those?

    1. I did my collage pictures at They have replaced the old site that google bought out. I LOVE IT!