Monday, August 27, 2012

Did I Set Myself Up??

I'm sitting here totally thinking I set myself up for the sick day with Connor that we are going to have tomorrow....

Last week I finally got access set up at work so I can log in and work from home if needed. I should have done this sometime in the last year and a half since I started working at this job BUT I thought it was this big mysterious thing to accomplish... requiring many steps and contacting many people.... NOPE! A simple email to one person got me the form needed. I filled it out... had it signed off on and then sent it to technical support. The next day I had an email telling me it had been complete. Hmmm... it was THAT easy... so there I set myself up with the ability to work from home if needed.

THEN this weekend... I was cleaning out Connor's room. Pulling out and putting away clothing that no longer fits him, dusting and reorganizing. I found his humidifier under his end table. It hasn't been used since the Spring and has just sat under his end table collecting dust and waiting for the winter season to hit us with the dry heat circulating through the vents. I figured this weekend would be a great weekend to wash it out and soak it in vinegar and prepare for the upcoming winter. That way I'm ahead of the game.

Well... right after cleaning out the humidifier.... it happened... Connor's nose started sounding stuffy... then it started to run a little. He was still his happy toddler self so I was just hoping in the back of my mind that it was just a little allergy and all would clear up in a day.... or two.

Yeah... no. At lunch today I got a call to come pick up Connor from daycare... he had a fever. I pretty good one at that, 101 - 102. I usually just monitor anything lower than 101 but this kid was going to need some ibuprofen.

So far he's in good spirits with some tired spells. The ibuprofen makes the fever go away but it comes right back after its worn off. Connor has to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to daycare and I'll be doing part sick day and working from home because... last week I had the whole work from home thing set up.... and the humidifier is in the closet waiting to clear up a stuffy nose....

See... I've totally set myself up for this. UGH. Here's to a quick resolving fever!!!

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