Friday, June 25, 2010

Today Show vs Playhouse Disney

Getting ready for work in the morning has changed drastically for me.

My husband leaves for work before daycare opens so that leaves me the person to myself ready for work and the baby ready for daycare. Let me say I am NOT a morning person.

The Today Show used to on the television in the morning when I got ready for work. I never really paid attention to it because I was usually running around like a crazy maniac trying get out the door on time. I would catch the weather, traffic and then out the door I went. Now when I'm getting ready and packing up everything for me and the baby for the day I keep him in his walker, sitting on the floor or when he was really little in the bouncy seat.

About a month ago I was running around and looked over at my baby sitting on the couch staring at the TV. This was the first time he actually looked like he was paying attention and taking in what was on the screen. Before this you could tell he was just fascinated by the lights and the noise. I realized my Today Show mornings were over. Yes I love catching the latest on world events, knowing the weather for the day and which route I should take to work, BUT I don't need my baby being 3 years old and up to date on the latest oil spill crisis, the war in Iraq and the status of our economy.

I'm not a fan of sitting a baby in front of the television but it is helpful in the morning. Now Playhouse Disney is on in the morning, starting with Handy Manny and then Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I actually find myself enjoying the morning even more. Partly because the baby is laughing and enjoying cartoons and partly because I'm not being hit the negativity of the morning news.

Now if there is anyway for me to turn into a morning person and remember everything necessary for the day.

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