Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude Day 10

Gratitude Day 10

I'm grateful for new friends. I don't make new friends very often. I'm set in my ways and enjoy the long time friendships that I have. Taran and PJ changed that for sure. This past March I signed up Connor for a gymnastics class. Connor and PJ were the only boys and they instantly hit it off. The end of the classes came and Taran and I exchanged numbers. I didn't know if she would be a crazy mom, or a judgey mom, or have anything in common with me but she turned out to have lots in common with me and totally fun. We can't have a play date without something strange or bizarre happening but that's the best part!

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  1. Sometimes you find friends in places you don't expect. Sounds like this one is solid and that is good since your children get along so well. I am still good friends with my oldest daughter's bff and her mom. And my daughter is 42. :D