Tuesday, December 20, 2011

14 + 15 = 29....

Welp.... It's my birthday! If you split my age in half I'm the equivalent of two young teenagers. My mother also reminded me that I'm now officially the same age as her... yeah... sure....

Between holiday madness and some personal health issues I've been too exhausted to even think about my birthday the last week and a half. We celebrated my birthday dinner while on vacation so we're really just hanging out around the house tonight. Which is fine by me!!

I wanted to do something inspirational with this being my last year in my 20's. I want to start my 30's being inspired and feeling educated (if all my college courses are enough....). Sooooo I decided I am going to read 30 autobiographies / biographies / memoirs before I turn 30. At least.... I'm going to try!!! I also decided I'm going to blog about what I'm reading and how the journey is going. You can find that blog here.... From 29 to 30

A big thank you to all my FB friends who have sent me well wishes because of the little reminder down the side of the screen. I'm feeling important!!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday. You really do have a whole year to enjoy before turning 30!

    Thanks for visiting Depression Cookies. Wishing you an amazing 29th year!