Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Art of Being Busy...

Pre baby times I always had something to do. A class to take, a workshop to teach, a full time job to go to, parties to attend, or deadline to meet. Now that we've tossed a baby in the mix I've learned to appreciate how my time is being spent.

I love the time I spend being a mom. It is so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. Most days I feel renewed at the end of the day instead of drained like I did before I was a mom. I started this blog with excitement to share my thoughts but its been put by the wayside while I've caught up on housework after teaching workshops over the last month.

I have gained some time back since my son has gained some of his own independence. At first there was a part of me that dreaded his growing independence from me over the last two months; we weaned him from breastfeeding, he started holding his own bottle, going to bed earlier and started sleeping through most nights, he sits on his own, entertains himself with his toys. I felt like he was already growing up and moving away. That feeling soon passed when I found his independence allows me to slowly return to a life that somewhat mirrors my pre baby days. The extra two hours I have at the end of the day because he goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 are a blessing. I have time to read, reconnect with the energy around me, get some housework done, reconnect with my husband or go to bed if I feel like it.

The last month was filled with teaching workshops on my weekends. I felt guilty at first for leaving my baby on the few days that we can spend all day together. By the end of month I realized how important it was for me to get out and still have time doing non-mom stuff. It opened my eyes and showed me that my baby's world won't fall apart if I'm not available. It also gave me the courage to book a cruise in November and go away with my husband baby free. I would have never thought four months ago that going on a cruise without a baby possible.

I took two days off work last week and had a four day weekend. I caught up on some much needed mommy and Connor time. It's amazing how your heart grows when its already so full of love.

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